Spring Update from Highlander Knives and Swords

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Hello essential shopper!

We continue to operate in 3 locations in the Portland metro area and have been able to successfully bring, the heart of highlander, recently and fully as possible; to our online store. At this present time many of our patrons have been able to find us easily and readily at any of these locations (All open 7 days a week!) and continue to spread the word far and wide of our selection, unrivaled service and wonderful value.

To each and every one of our customers we thank you!

We are now official boker knife dealers! Welcome boker family of products to highlander! You can now find boker products in all three locations and online! 

We are now  moving forward into the summer with the largest inventory we have ever been able to provide to our customers.  We are OPEN everyday for YOU!


Please continue to spread the word!


Thank you,

Highlander Team 

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