Rurouni Kenshin Sakabatō (Reverse Blade Katana) 1045 High Carbon Steel

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The Sakabatō (Reverse-Blade Sword) is the last of the strange swords forged by master swordsmith Arai Shakkū. However, unlike all his previous known works, whose designs all contain elements that make them tools not of combat, but of gruesome death, the Sakabatō is designed as a simple katana with its blade forged on the opposite side than normal, making it a sword ill-fit for killing. Features of the blade have it depicted as a shinto era katana, and its hamon in an extremely rare recreated hitatsura notare midare on both sides of the blade, making it hard to differentiate the cutting edge from afar. Its fittings are humble and simple, but vary upon depictions throughout.

Forged as a holy sword, the last of Arai Shakkū's blades were made in offering to honor the new peace that the Meiji Era would bring, and for him and its wielder, the end of his career of creating weapons for violence and death, and for Kenshin, the end of his days as a hitokiri, and the promise to never take another human life again.

Rurouni Kenshin

41 1/2" 1045 Reverse Edge Blade

Samurai Sword 1045 High Carbon Steel

Full tang

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