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Unlike the Relict, the S35NV drop point Havran has a completely different philosophy. This is a classic tactical EDC flipper. When this knife was in the design phase it was entitled  ‘a knife of the simplest geometry’, consciously removing all complex shapes from the knife, and using a large number of straight lines. The knife turned out outwardly deliberately simple, but this the very deceptive appeal. Everything falls into place only when you take the knife in your hand. The knife is a strong, with a very predatory blade and a handle comfortable under all tactical grips. Almost perfectly balanced and has ideal dimensions for a tactical knife being very easy and convenient to manipulate in the hand. The extremely robust design of the axle assembly, built on double-row ceramic bearings, provides a remarkable knife opening mechanics. Locking the lock makes the knife extremely reliable, and the clip of concealed wearing is almost not felt when manipulating the knife. For those who like tactical EDC knives and a very strict design, combined with army reliability will find in this knife a reliable friend and faithful assistant. 

Blade: S35VN
Blade Length: 92mm/3.62"
Blade Thickness: 3.50mm/0.14"
Open: 219mm/8.62"
Weight: 118 g / 4.16oz

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