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What kind of gentleman would you be without the Gentleman Sword Cane? An unbalanced one, that's for sure! This walking stick also has a hidden sword in it that only keen-eyed observers and metal-detection technology will notice. With a nearly 15 inch hidden blade, this cane weapon is just the sort of hidden self defense sword that you need as you walk your way through the dangerous streets.

The cane sword is lightweight, weighing a little over a pound altogether. When attackers come and...attack you, you can unveil the blade out of the shaft by pressing the release mechanism on the side and pulling it out. Those who saw you as an easy target will now think twice before messing with you. That's the point. It's a deterrent.

You can also rest assured that the gentleman's sword cane is classy. The sword cane has a shiny gold colored handle and accents. Even the push-button is shiny gold. The rest of the 38.5" cane is black, right down to the rubber toe.

Gentleman Cane Sword Highlights:

  • Weight: 18 oz (approx)
  • Length: 38.5" (approx)
  • 14 3/4" Stainless steel Blade
  • Black shaft with gold handle and accents
  • Push-button release mechanism
  • Black Rubber Toe

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