41 1/2" 1095 Hand Forge ww2 Japanese Military Type-98 GUNTO

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  • 1938 Japanese Type 98 Shin Gunto Replica
  • 1095 Full Tang Real Deferentially Hardened, Clay Tempered, Real Hamon, Hand Forge, Full Tang, Battle Ready, Blade 41 1/2" Over Length. 27.5" Blade. 10.25" Handle.
  • High Quality Brass Sword Fittings Plated Silver and Gold,Genuine Samegawa,Scabbard:Hard wood inside, covered with an iron surface. Scabbard Locking Release Mechanism.
  • Japanese Imperial Army Officer Sword. Beautifully crafted. A good choice for collecting.
  • Includes giftbox and cleaning kit

Product description

This version is based on the model 98 Shin Gunto that began production in 1938, distinguished by the traditionally constructed tsuka and single hanging point of the saya. While not a perfect replica, it is much closer to many others being sold online and pays attention to many details - including the scabbard locking push button release mechanism, Japanese Imperial Army tsuba, colored steel scabbard and officers tassel (brown and blue, designating a company or warrant officer rank), all coming together to give it that Gunto look without breaking the budget.

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